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BIOPHEN Heparin 3

Produkt Nr.



3x30 Tests


Chromogenic anti-Xa method for measuring homogeneously heparin (UFH) and Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH), using the same calibration curve (kinetics method, one stage).
The assay can also be used for testing heparin analogues, such as Sodium Danaparoid (Orgaran®), or Pentasaccharide (Fondaparinux).
Automatic or Manual method.
No significant interference observed for Bilirubin concentrations <0.1 mg/mL, hemoglobin concen- trations <2 mg/mL and triglycerides concentrations<1.25 mg/mL added to plasma.


Measuring the heparin concentration in patients’ plasma for monitoring the therapy and adjusting drug dosage.

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