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Product news

Hemophilia A:

Detection and monitoring of factor VIII antibodies with our ZYMUTEST™ Anti-VIII IgG Mono Strip

BIOPHEN™ Heparin LRT: IVDR certification successfully completed

Measuring all Xa inhibitors currently available on the market


Exceptionally rapid, highest sensitivity

New immunoturbidimetric assays for:

- Protein C Antigen

- vWF Antigen

- Free Protein S

- Antithrombin Antigen

- Fibrinogen

IVDR application from 26 May 2022

CE conformity of our products is assured

Factor VIII deficient plasma with VWF (IVD)

Now available CE marked, does not contain any FVIII antigen

CRYOcheck™ CorPac™ single donor plasmas

Enhanced standardisation, decreased resource consumption

Eliminating coagulation assay interferences by heparin and DOACs

DOACs and Heparin often impose laboratories a diagnostical problem - our partner 5-Diagnostics offers solutions.


CoaChrom™ Moderate and Severe Abnormal Control Plasma

Moderate and Severe Abnormal Control plasma for the quality control of FVIII, FIX and vWF assays.

New modified BIOPHEN™ Factor VIII Kit

Our BIOPHEN™ Factor VIII kits solve all issues surrounding Factor VIII.

Reliable chromogenic DTI assay

The chromogenic BIOPHEN™ DTI offers important advantages over coagulometric assays in the quantitative determination of direct thrombin inhibitors.

Modified Nijmegen-Bethesda-Assay

Our new CE marked CRYOcheckTM factor VIII inhibitor kit contains the components required for performing a modified Nijmegen-Bethesda assay.