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Product No. RK041A · Size: 4x8 Tests
Testkits > Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)


Enzyme Immuno-assay designed for measuring heparin-dependent antibodies of the IgG isotype, in human plasma or serum, or in any biological fluid where these antibodies must be measured. This assay measures only the IgG isotype, reported as the most associated with the clinical complications of heparin dependent antibodies (HIT/HITT), allowing confirmation of the diagnosis of HIT/ HITT or its clinical suspicion. However, some cases associated with only IgM and/or IgA isotypes can be missed.
This kit allows individual test as it offers a packaging for 4 individual 8 well strips along with controls.

Intended use

  • Individual test.
  • Clinical suspicion of HIT during heparin therapy.
  • Heparin-dependent antibodies of the IgG isotype are those strongly associated with the clinical diagnosis of HIT.

The ZYMUTEST HIA Mono Strip IgG assay offers then a better specificity for the clinical complication of HIT, but it has less sensitivity as cases associated with only IgM and/or IgA isotypes are missed.