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BIOPHEN Factor IX - new 1 mL presentation now available

Chromogenic assay for measuring Factor IX acitivity now available with 2x1 mL per reagent

BIOPHEN Factor IX key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for measuring EHL products, excellent recovery of modified recombinant Factor IX products against plasma standards
  • Highly specific and highly sensitive for Factor IX, generally no interference by activated coagulation factors, PLPs, LA 
  • No use of APTT reagents and deficient plasmas for better inter-laboratory comparability 
  • Availability of: Calibration plasma, control plasma (normal, abnormal, severe abnormal)
  • New presentation: BIOPHEN Factor IX (1)

BIOPHEN Factor IX (1), ref. 221801 (2x20 tests) >>> Insert

BIOPHEN Factor IX (2.5), ref. 221802 (2x50 tests) >>> Insert

BIOPHEN Factor IX (6), ref. 221806 (2x120 tests) >>> Insert


Calibrators & Controls

BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator

222101 (12x1 ml) >>> Insert

BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma

223201 (12x1 ml) >>> Insert

BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma

223301 (12x1 ml) >>> Insert

BIOPHEN Severe Abnormal Control Plasma

CM192 (12x1 ml)