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CoaChrom® Aprotinin

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200 Tests


This kit is designed for the determination of Aprotinin in human plasma. Plasma is treated with acetone to remove the effect of serine protease inhibitors, and then diluted in buffer containing inhibitors of α2‐Macroglobulin and Factor XIIa. Purified plasma Kallikrein is added to acetone treated plasma or aqueous solutions containing Aprotinin, and after an incubation period it complexes with the Aprotinin in the test sample. Residual plasma Kallikrein activity is then measured by its ability to cleave a chromogenic peptide substrate and liberate p‐nitroaniline (pNA). The concentration of pNA is measured photometrically, and is inversely proportional to the Aprotinin concentration.


Determination of Aprotinin in human plasma. For research use only.

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