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Optimized ELISA test intended for the detection and the qualitative assay of heparin-dependent antibodies of the IgG isotype.

Advantages of our ELISA test at a glance:

  • Individually packaged test strips, therefore well suited for single applications.
  • Special coating with protamine sulfate, the test also detects clinically relevant antibodies against protamine sulfate, NAP-2 and IL-8 (pseudo-HIT).
  • high sensitivity and high specificity
  • standardised ELISA-Handling

Further information can be obtained from the respective products or directly from us on request.

Available as specific IgG isotype or combined IgGAM Assay:

ZYMUTEST™ HIA MonoStrip IgG: 4 strips of 8 wells, Product No. RK041A

ZYMUTEST™ HIA MonoStrip IgGAM: 4 strips of 8 wells, Product No. RK041D