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Eliminating coagulation assay interferences by heparin and DOACs

DOACs and Heparin often impose laboratories a diagnostical problem - our partner 5-Diagnostics offers solutions.


Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) such as Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®), Apixaban (Eliquis®), Dabigatran (Pradaxa®) and Edoxaban (Lixiana®) have established themselves increasingly, but often impose laboratories a diagnostical problem: If present in plasma samples, they interfere with a big number of coagulation tests.

This also applies to Heparin and Heparin-like molecules, which interfere not only with numerous coagulation assays but also with PCR-based assays.

These interferences can be rectified by the new products of our partner 5-Diagnostics: 

DP-Filter® eliminates direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) such as Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban, Apixaban und Edoxaban in concentrations of up to 1,000 ng/mL from plasma samples. One box contains 25 ready to use DP-Filter®. Activated charcoal contained is eliminated entirely by a filter, therefore interference of highly sensitive coagulation tests such as TGA/CAT is avoided.

HEPA-Remove® is a synthetic peptide designed to inhibit heparin and heparin-like compounds in plasma samples. It selectively complexes heparins and thereby inhibits the heparin-associated assay interference. HEPA-Remove® is supplied as lyophilized powder. It also effectively inhibits Factor XII activation in aPTT based assays.

Currently both products are to be used for research purposes.

          >> Download IFU DP-Filter®

          >> Download IFU HEPA-Remove®